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Mark Moormann is a Miami-based filmmaker whose acclaimed documentaries have screened theatrically, at major film festivals (Sundance, Toronto, SXSW), museums, airports, and worldwide television.

His films include the Grammy-nominated "Tom Dowd & the Language Of Music", the MTV Movie & TV Award-nominated "The Day the Music Died", and the SXSW Audience Award-winner "For Once In My Life". He's worked as a cinematographer on noted documentaries including "Studio 54", "Itzhak", "Sour Grapes", and "Icahn: the Restless Billionaire".

Moormann's music industry collaborations include studio shoots with Aerosmith, Michael Jackson, and Andrea Bocelli; on-location with Ray Charles, Eric Clapton, and Garth Brooks; and live performances featuring Shakira, The Bee Gees, and Amy Winehouse's premiere U.S. performance. His sports collaborations include shoots with superstars Lionel Messi, Mike Tyson, Serena Williams, Conor McGregor, and Wayne Gretsky.



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